Perfect results in just a few twists

Works great with herbs/spices & potpourri. Ideal for tobacco lovers.

Patented Grind/Fill Technology

Inserting paper into the Grindarolla grind and filling joint making system
Grinding & chopping using the Grindarolla, grind your materials before filling

No mess, all-in-one grind and fill

Packing and filling using the Grindarolla, pack your materials to a perfect consistency

Perfect consistency every time

Grindarolla, removeing finished sticks from the grind/fill system

Makes 1 or 6, your choice

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Testimonials - Thank You!

It just makes sense. Who wouldn't want everything together under one roof? No hassles, I love Herby's Twist products!

Evan R.

Hey, want a testimonial from a disabled dude? I have far out-rolled your friend Greg with my Grindarolla already, do the six at once all the time... been thru 3 75-packs of cones already....

Jeff C.

I love your product design, especially Grindarolla. It’s amazing seeing product designers move their ideas forward.

Iman N.

The Grindarolla is a really unique product that is different that anything we currently have in our assortment. 

BC Liquor Distribution Branch

I had to tell you that some months ago I was with my girlfriend and tell her "we have to invent something that (automaticaly) chops and rolls" and then I saw your product in a magazine... that was amazing!!!!

Esteban D.

I wanted to say a huge thank you!!!! The Grindarolla has done wonders for my dad and he loves it so much!!!!!! Truly innovative

Seanna M.

I purchased this product as a Christmas present for my husband. Luckily I did because he is in love with it as well as our customers whom he has showed.

Natalie Y.

We believe this is something that can really help people with various conditions that make their hands shake and tremble so they normally would not be able to roll or fill a cone easily.

Shelby G.

I got my first Grindaball back in about 2008 and have used it regularly since and it still works...

Mick J.
  • Small & Portable

  • Keep it together
  • Weather sucks? No rolling tray?

  • No problem.
  • Take it anywhere

  • Pack and go

Small & Portable

Keep it together Buy Grindarolla Today

Weather sucks? No rolling tray?

No problem. Click here to buy

Take it anywhere

Pack and go Make me yours
The Grindarolla grinding and filling system, store your papers, smokes and tools all-in-one system

Extra Features...

One Packing tool AND one cleaning tool incl.

Stores up to 6 papers (papers not incl.)

Storage compartment incl.

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A Herby's Twist product, est 2002

  • Heryb's Twist pioneers of magnetic grinders AND grind/fill stick making systems